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​"I had been overweight for a few years since the birth of my first child, when the staff at The Advisor suggested that I try out some popular weight loss aids and give them a merciless verdict. Something that helps people in the same situation as me and allows me the opportunity to finally find my healthy weight? My verdict in this article!"

 Emma Castelle


​What is a weight loss product?

​A weight loss product helps to shed the extra pounds. With the help of this supplement, weight loss or refinement goes faster. The reason is simple: the components of the products act on the fat contained in the body (this is called a fat-burning product) or they decrease appetite (appetite suppressant). When they are absorbed, they swell within the stomach. By filling up space, the stomach then communicates the feeling of fullness more quickly to the brain. The person eats less. Lowering your caloric intake speeds up weight loss.

​This is meant to motivate people who have started a weight loss regimen, whether massive or not.

​At the moment, weight loss tablets have never before been so prevalent on the market. These are dietary supplements that are available without medical prescriptions and composed of mostly natural ingredients. Effective, these ingredients will act on different levels on the body to allow each user to reduce their appetite, activate their metabolism, and burn fat contained in the body to lose weight.


​Diet capsules, pills to lose weight... You have probably already read about them. Maybe you've used them before as part of your weight loss goal.

​There are hundreds of types of diet pills on the market, but only a handful of weight loss pills are supported by scientific evidence and help in weight loss.

​Do the compelling promises about diet pills and other fat burners have any basis for truth or is it purely marketing? Difficult to tell!


​In this article, we have tried to find suitable solutions for each type of person: people who are overweight or have a few extra pounds to lose and obese people who must lose weight quickly so that their health is not further impacted.

​We have prepared the data sheet for each product and have selected only the 3 best on the market; that is to say, the most effective weight loss products. You will know all the strengths and weaknesses of each product so you can find the product you need to aid you effectively in your weight loss!


  • ​A minimum 30-day trial for each product
  • ​An accurate verdict, recounted in the form of a full review without doublespeak
  • ​The opinion of a team of healthcare professionals to corroborate my personal observations

​The best products (tested & approved!)



​Although PhenQ does not have the title of a WHO-approved "actual" drug as the two products below, it has dominated at the top of our list for several reasons.

​Developed by one of the leading pharmaceutical research laboratories (Bauer), PhenQ is a 100% natural supplement, combining the best active ingredients derived from plants, that promotes fat burning, a reduction in diurnal cravings, and improved calorie usage.

​Available over the counter since its creation, it has been the subject of a thorough study by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) without any faults being found, which tells you that this product is serious! It is a must-try.

  • ​Developed by one of the world's leading pharmaceutical research laboratories (Bauer)
  • ​Number 1 weight loss treatment in the world with more than 20,000 satisfied customers!
  • ​100% natural, proven efficacy, and few side effects


This supplement is THE star slimming product in the USA. Derived from the famous Keto diet, which is based on a rebalancing of the diet to push the body to burn fat (known as "Ketosis"), Keto Body Tone has the same goal... but without requiring a special diet!

Based on a powerful formula of natural active ingredients, including Beta-hydroxybutyrate, this supplement accelerates metabolism to burn fat for energy.

A 100% winning combo: rapid weight loss, coupled with increased energy, all available without a prescription! What more could you ask for?

  • Derived from the famous Keto diet, this product allows you to reach the famous "Ketosis", without modifying your diet
  • STAR slimming product in the USA, recently available in France
  • 100% natural, Keto Body Tone accelerates the metabolism in order to burn fat to make it into energy. Result: rapid weight loss, coupled with increased energy


Zotrim is a completely natural weight loss supplement which works by suppressing appetite and keeping you fuller for longer, in turn enabling you to reduce food intake and curb cravings.

The key ingredients in both Zotrim products are Yerba Mate, Guarana and Damiana for which several clinical studies were carried out on. The results of the studies looked at both the key ingredients as well as the effectiveness of Zotrim itself and showed Zotrim helps you;

- Eat less

- Feel fuller for longer

- Makes saying no to snacking easier

- Helps get you more active

- Increases the beneficial effect of exercise

- Outperforms prescription drugs

This makes Zotrim the most researched and clinically proven weight loss solution on the market.

  • Organic products made with 100% natural ingredients
  • Backed by 5x clinical studies and 10x expert approved papers & 100 day money back guarantee
  • Well established brand, it has been on the market for over 15 years & Free worldwide shipping


​Alli is a "light" version of the famous Xenical, the only true medicine to have gained recognition from the medical community for its effectiveness in treating obesity.

​Available over the counter, this is a non-prescription alternative to the very powerful Xenical (see below). We recommend that you try a natural treatment and talk to your doctor before you try it.

  • ​Approved by the drug agency for its effectiveness in treating obesity
  • ​Available without a prescription, free shipping, and discreet
  • ​Powerful treatment (consult your doctor)


​Xenical is a "true" medicine. This means that it has been the subject of clinical studies proving its medical and scientific efficacy before it can be marketed.

​Since its creation in 2009, it remains the only treatment with proven efficacy against obesity. Need we really say more?

  • ​Approved by the drug agency for its effectiveness in treating obesity
  • ​Online orders & free, discreet delivery in 24 hours available
  • ​VERY Powerful treatment (consult your doctor)

​... and products to avoid!



​Questionable ingredients, an aggressive marketing campaign, and most importantly, our team was not able to ascertain its effectiveness! To avoid.

  • ​Questionable ingredients
  • ​Stomach pain and diarrhea in our trials
  • ​No weight loss seen in 1 month

garcinia cambodgia

​Garcinia Cambodgia is fashionable, that's undeniable. But is it really effective and, above all, safe? Not really.

​Forbidden for sale in France, we got it online for our trials. Well, we can tell you that it cannot hold its own against other natural products. Despite this, we noticed a slight weight loss (-2 kg ( 4.4 lbs) in 1 month). Insufficient to be included at at the top of our list.

  • ​Sale prohibited in France
  • ​Some side effects
  • ​Too little effectiveness in weight loss during our trials to be in our top list

​...and many others! ​(see below)


​After months of rigorous testing, here are the products that will surely help you achieve your goals...and those to avoid like the plague!



  • Keto Diet
  • Anaca 3
  • F-Burner Dual Pro
  • ​Thermodrone Extreme fat burner
  • Garcinia Cambodgia 
  • Fitburner 
  • Artishot


​Weight loss products are not miracle cures. It is an illusion to believe that they can replace a drop in caloric intake and participating in some activity and enable you to lose weight.

​Whether it is PhenQ or other natural treatments, they should be seen as aids to weight loss. Similarly; it must be slow and regular so as not to support the yo-yo effect. This happens especially when you go on a diet. We lose weight which we then inevitably regain when we start eating again in the usual fashion.

​By completely reviewing our way of eating, we begin to consider food differently. We are not talking about a diet but balanced nutrition to adopt throughout life. It is guaranteed that in medium-term weight loss, this way of eating is also a healthy gesture.

​Genuine weight loss drugs that are powerful and effective - like Alli or Xenical - do exist, however. These weight loss products work and have a Marketing Authorization (MA) for their effects, making them medically approved. However, we remind you again that the information presented on this website cannot replace the advice of a doctor. Seek medical advice for appropriate, personal advice.


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